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The Importance of Conference Session Evals

As a speaker of tech conferences, it is beneficial to receive feedback on sessions presented to help know what was good, bad, and how things can be improved. Recently, I presented at 2 conferences the same week and had a good amount of attendees in all my sessions at both conferences. While I appreciate the verbal feedback I received and emails it’s also helpful to receive feedback from the actual conference evaluations. It’s hard as a speaker to gauge if a session was overall good or bad based on only receiving a handful of evals when there have been more than 50 people per session.

If you’re an attendee, I highly encourage you to start providing feedback on sessions you attend with honest feedback both good and/or bad to help the speakers know what went well and what they can improve on for their sessions.

For conference organizers, it may be helpful to have some kind of incentive to encourage attendees to provide more feedback.

Just my two cents.



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