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MVP Award & Microsoft Charlotte Community Connection 2017

On October 1st, I received my very first MVP Award. It was a nice surprise when I received the email in my inbox and it really made my day.


Now I will admit, the anticipation of anxiously waiting after you’ve been nominated and submitted your contributions sucks but when you receive the congratulations award email it’s the best feeling ever! I have been in this industry a long time and to be honest I really didn’t care about not being an MVP but now that I’ve been awarded I will say I am extremely thankful and honored. My CPM, Joe Darko called me the day I got awarded to welcome me to the program and he really is the best!

Charlotte Community Connection 2017 (Recap)

On October 2nd, I flew to Raleigh to teach a private Python class which worked out to be perfect timing so I could also attend the Community Connections in Charlotte that Joe Darko and Microsoft was hosting on Oct 6th & 7th.  I changed my original flight to fly back Sunday instead and on Friday morning I drove from Fayetteville to Charlotte to attend this 2 day event at the Microsoft Charlotte campus. I will say it was an awesome two days spent with Microsoft MVPs, RDs, and Community Influencers. Joe had both days planned out well and I am so grateful I got to be part of it.

Day 1: Soft Skills (Designing and Delivering Training Videos) by Johan Magnusson

The first day with Johan Magnusson was awesome. Johan focused on teaching us how to make great videos. He broke us up into teams which I will say I loved all the guys I got paired up with. Now I did have to juggle dealing with a few customer issues during this workshop but thankfully I got it under control and was able to participate in the exercises. By the end of the day each of the groups had to produce a community engagement video keeping it between 3-7 minutes.

My group decided on the following:

  • Video Framework: Problem/Solution
  • Modality: Acted Scenario
  • Scenario: Acting out the problem/solution of user groups participation (with humor of course).

I was the videographer using my iPhone 7 Plus and everyone else in my group were the actors. Here is the video my group came up with. We are no pros and we put this together in a short time frame so take it easy on us. We wanted to make ours funny and we had fun building it. 🙂

Day 2: Packed Day of More Awesomeness

Jeremy Likness did a great post recapping the 2 day event. Check out his post here: Microsoft Community Connections Charlotte 2017

Thanks Joe, Microsoft, RDs, MVPs, and Community Leaders for a great event!

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